Sure Spooler

Built to last a lifetime, the Master Sure Spooler features a 1.25″ stress proof non-compromised reel shaft with a 5 spoke wheel.

The durable maintenance-free level wind has an exclusive wire-on top design which means you’ll never lose your wire during spooling.  The hydraulic control valve operation allows you to control spooling speed and will automatically return to neutral position when released.

The operator control bar ensures operation at a safe distance from the spool and swings up and out of the way to allow access to the spool.

Additional Features:

  • Enclosed motor and gearbox
  • Hydraulic operation for smooth level winding and trouble free operation
  • Continuous level winding
  • Holds up to 160 rods of barb wire
  • Standard 3 point hitch mount
  • Can be mounted on deck or trailer
  • Spools for high tensile wire available